M11 – Debatably

Listening to others can be difficult. So can sharing your opinion or discussing certain topics be.

Debatably is a debate learning tool aimed at students to help them become better at discussions and debates. It encourages people to listen to others, even when they have a different opinion, and to try to get a better understanding of each other.

Accessibility is created by structuring the debate into four rounds in which the participants can express their views on the statement and are challenged to create arguments for one of the far ends. While moving through the rounds, an AI detects what people are saying and uses this to create an overview of the debate. This overview allows the people to see what was said, what hasn’t been rebutted, and to learn from the debate.

Within this project, I learned how to integrate different technologies into one design. I had never worked on such technology-driven projects before, but learned that through explorations and step-by-step coding, you can get very far. I learned to use technology to explore best-fit solutions for an end user. This made me see how the field of T&R should always be integrated with U&S. This mindset was taken with me to other projects that were technologically explorative.