FMP – RayNood

RayNood is a continuation of M12 – Chasing the Chill, please read that first.

My project focussed on two parts. Firstly the physiological side. I improved the wearable that can measure the strength of your blood flow this time to see whether we could measure things within the Raynaud’s patient group. For instance, the effect of medication, how primary and secondary present, and whether a pattern was there. 14 people tested this prototype and the data shows trends worth further investigation, but is also difficult to read as no real attacks were measured.

However, Raynaud’s also has a mental footprint. You can feel alone. Misunderstood and ignored by doctors. Therefore I also made an app. Within Ray/Nood people can read information, exchange tips and experiences, and even track their phenomenon. With this, I hope to get people more connected and informed, while simultaneously connecting them with the medical community. For instance by allowing people to track themselves and ask questions, the medical community can also gain a better understanding of what Raynaud’s really is.

This project allowed me to combine a technology and data-driven process with a user-centred one. Together they balance each other out and offer something for everyone. Through listening to their stories, and ensuring that their voice got heard, I was able to come up with a design that might become a reality. Not just for research, but for actually helping these people.