Innospace Project – Craftment

Currently finding good craftsmen/women is becoming a bigger challenge every day. This also holds for the auto repair industry, where because of growing complexity and paperwork, the job is becoming less popular. Through the use of augmented reality we hope to set up a connection with a knowledge center and external parties, so repairs can be done quicker and easier. Through this we hope to get more people interested and doing things they actually like doing, namely repairing rather than reading up or paperwork.

Within the course ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Processes’, I wanted to learn how to work in multidisciplinary teams to see what an industrial designer could bring to a team and project. Another valuable goal was to learn more about entrepreneurship and working with a company as a client. Together we went through all steps of the design process, from research to business model. In the end, we won the best pitch from all the master projects and continued with this project, see Pilot Design – ABS.