M12 – Chasing the Chill

Raynaud’s is a condition where the blood vessels to your extremities, so fingers, toes, and nose contract thus stopping the blood flow. Best scenario you have cold and painful hands for some time. Worst case scenario you get ulcers, gangrene, and scarring. A lot of people do not know that they have it, nor do most GPs know how to help these patients.

Within this project, I researched whether we could measure the difference between ‘regular people’ and Raynaud’s patients. In a controlled environment, their blood flow was monitored and thermal images were taken over time. The end showed promising results that the measurement method indeed shows a difference, which could be useful for diagnosing patients.

Within this project, I learned to appreciate research projects. I found enjoyment in exploring all the different ways we might be able to measure Raynaud’s. I found enjoyment in doing bigger user studies and figuring out what the data might mean. I liked most that I was working on something that could have an effect. Not just working for the ECTS, but for the knowledge generated made me satisfied with this process.

This project continued into my FMP project